Submitting Sketches for Posting.

This page contains instructions for submitting sketches for posting on this website.

Can I submit a Sketch?

You must be a member of the Hutt Art Urban Sketching Group to submit a sketch. See ‘About  Us‘ for information about becoming a member.

How do I prepare my Sketch for Submission?

Take a photo of your sketch.

if possible ensure the sketch has a meaningful name.

Prepare an email to the group coordinator with the sketch photo attached with the following information:

  1. The artist’s name.
  2. The sketch photo file name.
  3. A short name for the sketch.
  4. A caption to be displayed below the sketch.
  5. The date the sketch was done.
  6. Where the sketch was done.
  7. An optional description of a few sentences describing the sketch.

Except for item 7, all other items are mandatory.

You may include more than one sketch per email, but please provide information items 2 to 7 for each sketch photo attached to the email.