Posting Sketches on the Urban Sketching Organisation Website.


This post is from an Email I sent to members about how to publish your sketches before I created this website.

Publishing your work.

The Urban Sketchers organisation have a main web site, a Facebook page and a Facebook Group where you can view other peoples work and/or publish your own. ( You don’t need to able  to publish, to view other peoples work,)

There are two ways to get your work published on the Urban Sketching Websites.

  1. To become a correspondent and publish on the Urban Sketching Organisation’s main website or,
  2. publish your work on the Urban Sketching Facebook Group.

Be a correspondent. They have correspondents in Auckland and Christchurch. but the Wellington correspondent position is vacant. I guess we could have one for the Hutt Valley..

Becoming a correspondent may be the best option if you want to publish your work without it becoming lost.

I am not sure how one applies to become a correspondent, but there may be something on their website.

If one is not a correspondent, then work can be published on the Urban Sketching Facebook Group. They also have a Facebook page but they are not the same thing.

I found that posting drawings on the Urban Sketching Facebook Group was a waist of time. There are currently 45727 members and the site contains over 100,000 sketches so new postings tend to get lost very quickly.

I know if one needs to be a Facebook member to publish work on the Facebook Urban Sketching Group. As I have a Facebook account, I joined the Urban Sketching Group by searching for the Urban Sketching Group on Facebook. I then selected the join button and waited a few days until I received an email from the administrator giving me access to post my drawings.


If you are keen, you can also attend one of their symposiums: The 2015 symposium was held in Singapore and for 2016 it is in Manchester.

Website links

The main website link is:

Rather than going through your Facebook to get to the Urban Sketching Group Facebook page the link is:

The urban sketching main Facebook page is:

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