Featherston Butcher Shop

Featherston Butchers Shop

We named this building the ‘Featherston Butchers Shop’ as the word butcher can be clearly seen on the roof from the other side I sketched it from. The building dates back to 1860, when it was originally built as a general store and family home by James Cox. It was sold in 1875 to William […]

Martinborough Sadlers Cafe

The group had its first day away in Martinborough. Martinborough is the centre of a thriving wine area.

Woburn Railway Station

Woburn Railway Station

The Woburn Station is one of the stations on the Hutt Valley line. Unfortunately, the day I did this sketch the train drivers were on strike so there were no Metro Trains running ti include in the sketch.

Molly Malone’s Pub

Molly Malone’s Pub

Molly Malone’s Pub was a popular pub before the large 7.5 earthquake caused damage that made the building unsafe to enter.

Group Sketches of the Hutt River and Kennedy-Good Bridge

Kennedy Good Bridge

It was the first fine Wednesday, so the Urban Sketching Group headed to the river at Kennedy-Good bridge to sketch views of the river and snow on the Tararua Ranges.

Great Lakes Centre Taupo

Great Lakes Centre In Taupo.

This is a sketch of the entrance to the Great Lakes Centre In Taupo.  It contains an exhibition hall and the Taupo Information Centre.